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[Laby fic] Play Along Part 2

Title: Play Along (Part 2/13)
Rating: G
Genre: AU, fantasy, eventual romance
Prompt: #17: Deadline
Word Count: 521
Notes: Well, this only took for-freakin'-ever to post. Sorry, guys. Got so sidelined by my Supernatural fic... >_> Anyway, here's part 2~~ Hope y'all enjoy this brief look into Jaejoong's head. ^^
Summary: Changmin does not believe in magic; he's far too old for that, and he's always been more of the logical sort anyway. Until one night when he wishes his annoying step-brother away and is suddenly swept into a world of mystery, fantasy, frustration, adventure, and eventually... love. (Inspired by the movie Labyrinth.)
Previous: Part 1

Part 2

Jaejoong stares into the looking glass as Changmin looks at his new watch, scowls, then starts moving towards the labyrinth. As Jaejoong had known he would. Even if Junsu weren't at stake (He's really not. Unlike some, Jae's never had to heart to keep anyone from their family, and he wouldn't wish goblinhood on many people.) it's not in Changmin's nature to resist this kind of challenge.

Turning away from the glass, Jaejoong flops into his throne and dismissed his personal servant goblins with a wave of his hand. He doesn't necessarily dislike being Goblin King; it's better than what he'd possibly been facing as an orphaned human child. The previous king had taken him in and performed the ritual to name Jaejoong his heir, thus granting Jaejoong the unnaturally long life of a magical being.

Jaejoong had been raised - mostly by various nannies and tutors - as a successor, not a son. He'd never been mistreated by any means, but he can't deny he always wished for (still wishes for) a little affection. Care. Love. Maybe it's that human part of him. Naturally-born goblin royalty apparently feel no such sentimental emotions.

So, once the old king had handed over his reign and Jaejoong had taken the throne, he'd started peering into the human world. It had started as only a few moments her and there, but it had eventually grown into hours a day. (Goblins, after all, are naturally chaotic. He'd been taught quite early on that it's no use attempting to tame them, so a king's day generally isn't terribly busy.)

He would watch and wonder: What would his life have been like if he hadn't been chosen? Would he have been adopted? Gone to school, maybe even university? Would he have a family and friends? Jaejoong imagined a different scenario for himself every time, usually based on the life of a random human that had caught his interest. He let years pass by like that, distant and lonely.

Then, one day, he'd stumbled across Changmin. The young man had barely been into his teens then, but something about him had solidly hooked Jaejoong's attention. And the more he watched, the more his feelings grew. At first, it had just been the fondness of an older sibling for the intelligent little smart-ass. As Changmin got older, though, Jaejoongs feelings started to change as welluntil he'd found himself completely smitten.

Not that Changmin can know that, at least not yet. Jaejoong pouts as he watches the younger man finally reach the labyrinth walls and pictures Changmin's reaction to his confession. There would be tears, and he can't imagine any of them coming from Changmin. But, well, he has thirteen hours to make Changmin fall for him starting (Changmin approaches the bent creature, who straightens and turns out to be not so creature-y. After a brief exchange during which Changmin rolls his eyes no less than three and a half times, the Labyrinth citizen - and one of Jaejoong's best friends - ushers Changmin to the suddenly-visible doors. Changmin's watch and the corresponding clock in Jaejoong's throne room both start ticking.) now.

Tags: fiction, jaemin, labyrinth au, play along

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